The spanish waiter

Snake hipped
the spanish waiter slipped across the room,
his second silver eyelid flicked.

He leaned over, inhaled and
vibrated her scent upon his tongue.

And for you pretty lady?
Back to the wall, a book, no ring.

A flourish of wine, the pause for approval
he nods slowly.

Tonight, little lady,
you will drink vinegar and smile.


About Linda Nicklin

Live in the East Midlands with two cats and a dog. Occupational Therapist and serial course taker. Trying to find my voice through song, creative writing and this week block printing. Next week who knows...
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2 Responses to The spanish waiter

  1. Gill Hutchison says:

    Love this – hugely, but please may I urge you strongly to alter the title either to Spanish Waiter or Snake Hips or at least something shorter. I loved it because it made me laugh (having seen it in action) but enjoyed even more the twist at the end.


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