Some trees are asking to be hit

Addressed the ball. Feet paralleled
Knuckles counted. Fingers linked
The face. The spot. The grip.
The swing…

I long for a straight and arching stroke
A triple bounce then chip and putt…
Victorious walk back off the green,
To smile, and wave my hat.

I swipe and miss.
Slice into a bush
Then spot my ball and hack.
A chip, it flies…. then
Hits a tree and disappears…
Sandblasted I top the ridge,
It’s made the green.
Too hard, too soft, too hard, it’s in!

Ten. I’m getting better


About Linda Nicklin

Live in the East Midlands with two cats and a dog. Occupational Therapist and serial course taker. Trying to find my voice through song, creative writing and this week block printing. Next week who knows...
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One Response to Some trees are asking to be hit

  1. Lib C says:

    I like this. It is full of energy. It bounces along, draws you in, makes you smile.


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